What makes life filled with ailments for men these days

Men are said to be in more trouble these days. Do you believe this statement? Men have been said to be more vulnerable to mental disorders like depression, anxiety attacks, memory loss and heart attacks by doctors and medical experts in various research. But why is this so? Does this mean that women are don’t become patients of mental illness and heart diseases? No, the answer is not so straightforward but has several layers which need to be explained in detail.  In this article, we shall discuss the reason for the degradation of men’s health these days. Read the article till the end to satisfy your curiosity.

Lack of stress taking capacity.

After researchers of behaviours and attitudes to specific environments, a more sort of standard conclusion comes that men lack the virtue of coping with stress. This means if situations don’t go as planned men are more likely to panic than women. Just, look at the lives of working women around you. A man wakes, does his morning routines and rushes for work. He directly returns at night after which eating and sleeping are primary works. A working woman has added responsibilities of household activities and works for the same hours at the office and again has cooking and serving responsibilities. This is the daily routine of most household women that prove to be more productive in their work even after fulfilling extra responsibilities.

Men on the other hand if are overworked for a week, they encounter migraine, high levels of stress, depression and whatnot. Some men may not come on the list if they take care of their mental health by doing yoga and meditation. This is why it is stressed by doctors and health experts to not take mental health for granted. Men will spend hours in the gym but will hardly meditate for 30 minutes.

More likely to consume junk food

Though junk food does not belong to any gender men constitute the majority of obese patients in the United States than women. Junk foods are in all rich sources of calories, bad cholesterol and artificial. It is better to get rid of them totally, but as we know in the age of modernity home-cooked food is seen as outdated. So, reduce the intake of such foods to once a week. Such foods if consumed in large amounts become the reason for obesity, diabetes and heart ailments. This is why cases, where heart attacks have caused deaths, is increasing and most of them are men.

Junk foods are a kind of addiction just like smoking and alcohol consumption. So, get rid of them as fast as possible. Especially in the developed and developed countries consumption of junk foods across all age groups is increasing at a faster rate. A high level of cholesterol leads to the deposition of cholesterol on the opening of pulmonary arteries. Thus, the supply of blood to organs is restricted or totally stopped. This gives rise to hypertension, high blood pressure, Erectile Dysfunction, dull mood or even hormonal changes. Such men are more likely to take Cenforce 100 and Fildena Sildenafl Citrates.

Societal Pressure

Apart from the defects of attitude and daily activities society also has a great role to play in making them a hotspot of ailments. Due to the patriarchal nature of the society or the world for centuries this feeling is still continuing that men are the sole earning member of the family. Today however women are in every field of work and seats of power in governments, private multinational companies and even the military but this thought makes men the sufferers. If both men and women share the responsibilities of the house, it relieves a lot of tension from the husband. Now, with more income coming into the family they can send their kids to a good school and lead a good lifestyle without depending on bank loans.

But in many regressive societies even if the husband wants due to pressure from relatives and members of the society women are confined to homes and all burden is on men’s heads.

Ego problem

Taking the earlier example of sharing the financial burden with your wife apart from societal pressure men have an ego problem. They feel that if their wife works outside then what kind of man, he is that he is unable to fulfil the needs of the family. They feel that it is men’s job to earn money and women’s job to look after the home. Ego is the main reason in research found out regarding farmer’s suicide. Even when they had unlimited loans, they didn’t allow their women to earn a living. Hence, when things went out of control, they choose suicide as the only way out. Had their wives earned some bucks their burden would have been reduced. This is an issue that even Kamagra Oral Jelly from powpills.com cannot cure. Men have to introspect in themselves and bring a change.


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