What Are The Entry Requirements For A Visitor Visa 600 To Australia?

What Is Meant By A Visitor Visa?

A visitor visa 600 is used for foreign nationals who want to visit Australia for different purposes. Some purposes of visit are-

• For tourism and sightseeing
• To visit family, friends or relatives
• To get medical treatment or for consultancy.

Usually, people who visit Australia or any country need visas to gain entry if passports are not available. It is hard to travel from one country to another without visas or passports.

Who Can Apply For A Visitor Visa?

If someone wants to travel in Australia and their passport is not given by a country eligible for Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), then a visa is required. If someone wants to stay in Australia longer than three months, they would require a visa. Many countries are entitled to electronic authority; they are-
• Austria
• Germany
• Greece
• Malaysia
• Andorra
• Luxembourg
• South Korea
• Singapore
• Hong Kong
• Belgium
• Brunei
• Malta
• Monaco
• Iceland
• Spain
• Sweden
• Denmark
• Canada
• Italy
• Norway
• Ireland
• The Netherlands
• Switzerland
• Taiwan
• Finland
• Japan
• United Kingdom
• Portugal
• Republic of San Marino
• Lichtenstein
• United States
• France

Types Of Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)

Among the subclass 600 visas, different variations of visitor visas depend upon the purpose of visit and nationality. The visitor visa of Australia can be given for either three, four or twelve months of stay, and these can be entered alone or on multiple bases. The immigration offices in Australia determine the reason for the stay.

Citizens who travel to Australia for business purposes or other reasons apply for visitor visas. Their visa allows them to stay for thirty days within ten years. The ones who are eligible for visitor visa subclass 600 need to meet visa requirements for Australia.

It is necessary to have a passport for three months after applying for a visa in Australia.

Types Of Visitor Visa

There are three different types of Australian Visitor visa subclass 600, the are-

• For tourism purposes stream

The visitor visa for tourism is equal to electronic travel authority for those not worthy of these visas. The tourism visa allows people to spend their holidays in Australia, cruise, or meet family and friends.

It is not hard to apply for a tourism visitor visa from either Australia or outside the country. Those who apply outside of Australia can stay for three, six or twelve months.
• Parents of Australian citizens can be granted a visa for a longer period.
• Twelve-month is the limit for staying in Australia for those who apply from within.

This could be good for people who will expire their visas and strive to stay longer. The overall cost of tourist streams in Australia is AUD370, and the cost for tourist streams outside of Australia is AUD145.

• For family purposes stream

Travellers sponsored by a worthy Australian family member or permanent citizen can apply for this visa stream in Australia. This visa has validity for twelve months, and within that time, people can visit their family members. One can also study or train in Australia for three months with a visa; however, if studying is one of the reasons for the trip, the visa might be cancelled.

A letter needs to be provided from someone who is part of the family in Australia to support documentation for getting the visa. They may be asked to pay security money for guarantee purposes. If a family member wants to support without sponsoring, they can apply for a visitor visa.

The cost for a family stream via tourist visa 600 is AUD 145, and there are over 75% applicants in 10 months and
90% of applicants over 14 months.

• For visiting business purposes

This stream of the Australian visitor visa allows those foreign nationals who did not receive an ETA to stay for a short time. They can stay for professional work but not for doing business. The purpose of visits might be-

• To enquire about a certain job.
• To do an activity as a government official.
• To negotiate for a contract or perform investigations.
• For attending trade fairs
• To attend a seminar or a press conference free of cost.

The business visitor visa of Australia has validity for three months, and it can be either a single or multiple entries. A request for a business visa can be submitted only when the applicants are from outside of Australia. The applicants must remain out of Australia before any decision is taken.

The business visitor visa will not be permitted for those who want to pursue education or get paid to work. For these purposes, a different visa will be required.

• stream-Approved destination status

The following visa stream is eligible for Chinese citizens who visit Australia upon the approval of travel agents. They could stay in Australia for a specified period. These Chinese people visit Australia under a tour group, and they are required to remain with the group till the end. The entire cost of stay for the Chinese tourists is AUD145.

• Frequently travelling stream

The following stream is for the Chinese residents who travel to Australia for business or other reasons. The visa of these streams can be granted for ten years, but they have to stay for three months when they arrive.
The cost for this stream is AUD1, 085, and the eligible person should have a passport from the People’s Republic of China. Biometrics also need to be provided before applying to this stream satta matka.

Needed Documents

The documents that are needed to be attached to the tourist visa in Australia are-

• A passport of the person who is going to travel is needed
• A copy of the passport’s page of identity is needed.
• A form of the visitor visa subclass 600
• An updated photo of the person who is going to apply, the background needs to be white and visible.
• There must be bank statements or a sponsored letter included who can claim to cover the visitor’s expenses.
• Travel health insurance is needed.
• There must be a letter from the employer; it needs to have the requested time of leave and the time of return.
• A letter is needed from a school to prove the traveller’s enrolment over there.
• There must be a letter of invitation from a family member willing to sponsor the traveller.
• If someone is travelling for medical purposes, they need a letter from the hospital giving information regarding the traveller’s condition.
• Form 1257 and Form 1229 must be completed, and if a traveller does not have the eligible age, they must travel with their parents.
• There must be proof of the booked flight tickets.
• Proof regarding the traveller’s accommodation is needed.

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