What Are the Benefits of Employer Sponsored Visa Subclass 186 in Australia?

Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 is a working visa as the name suggests. It provides you with the opportunity for the skilled workers to work and stay in Australia permanently. This visa is basically for those skilled workers or applicants who are already living in the country but on a temporary basis that too with their family members as a temporary residence. This visa subclass 186 is also available for those who are living outside Australia and want to settle for higher studies or work in Australia. .

In order to be eligible to apply for Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186, to stay in Australia permanently, you need to be nominated by the Australian employer. If not, you are not eligible for this visa subclass 186.

If you are lodging your visa subclass 186 then its important for you to create an employment contract signed by you as well as your employer or sponsored.  Also, the duration of the offer must also be stated in the contract. It’s a civil agreement between you and your sponsor.

In case there is any sort of changes in intention changes between the two resulting in getting your contract being terminated or the employee resigning, the department of home affairs will have no control over the changes.

Employer-Sponsored Visa Subclass186 not only grants you permanent residency but also to your family members. There are three streams under Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186. They are-

Temporary Residence Transition (TRT) Stream-Permanent Residency

This stream is basically for that applicant who has already worked with an eligible visa for 2 years or more under the same sponsors.  It is for those who have worked for 2 years or 3 years with TSS 482 Visa with the same occupation with the employer nomination.

The Direct Entry stream –

This stream is for those who have never worked with TSS 482 Visa without any employer nomination for 2 years or 3 years but qualified for the occupation. This stream is eligible who has worked for at least 3 years at the skilled level In the occupation stated on the 186 visa occupation list. This is also available for those who have already have a working holiday visa 417 and visa 462 or a student looking for a permanent residency in Australia.

  • If the individual occupation is not stated under the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skill list, then he/she would not be eligible to lodge a 186 (DE) visa.
  • Age must be 45 years.
  • A proper 3 years of proven experience in the same occupation.
  • Score good score under English test.

The Agreement stream-

This stream is for those who are sponsored by an employer through a labor agreement.

Eligibility criteria for permanent residency after lodging Employer-Sponsored Visa 186

The eligibility 186 visa conditions to lodge visa in the occupation of Medium and Long-term Strategic Skill list are as follows-

  • Experience- It is mandatory and required for the skilled workers to be experienced in the same sponsor for 3 years on 186 visa.
  • Age- The age must be under 45 years to b eligible for this visa.
  • Occupation- The skilled worker should have experience the same occupation under the visa 186 occupation list for at least 3 years.
  • English Skills- The application must undergo an English test and must have scored at least 6.0 on each band or an equivalent test.
  • Salary- The applicant must add the salary they were paid in their last job in the 186 nomination letter.


Benefits To the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 Applicant

There is no doubt that an experienced Immigration Agent can help you better with your visa in a better way and anything one else.  They will consult you and provide you with updated information about the visa. As per the experts, you have some the benefits and they are as follows-

  • Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 is not restricted by location
  • After you get your Employer-Sponsored Visa Subclass186 lodge, there is no chance of any sort of cancellations for the stay or with the employer.
  • No obligation once you get your visa 186 lodges.

If you want to seek any sort of help regarding this visa or any sort of help then go to the professional Immigration Agent Perth. This professional can assist you in the best way. They are very experienced and ensure to provide the best service.

Then what is stopping you? Go and grab your relevant visa and grab the benefit of the visa.

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