Ways to Check Credit Card Application Online Status

Credit cards have brought about sublime ease in our lives as they eliminate the need to carry cash and also help facilitate smooth digital transactions. Credit cardholders can also avail a host of benefits such as instant cash, easy loans, EMI advantage, reward points, cash back, and much more. If you do not have a credit card yet, you can check the various cards offered by almost 80 banks and companies in India. If you meet the application criteria and eligibility, you can apply for a credit card. Bajaj Finserv offers one of the widest ranges of credit cards in India and is relatively easy to apply for than some of the leading commercial banks. 

Once you have applied for a credit card, it will take time for the application to get processed and your card to arrive upon the successful verification of your application. During this time, you can check your credit card status and understand where your application is in the processing pipeline. 

Credit Card Status Types 

Whenever a credit card application is submitted, it goes through several status changes. If you check your credit card application status, you will see it mapped to one of the statuses mentioned below: 

  • In Progress – This implies that the bank hasn’t completed analyzing your credit card application 
  • On-Hold – This means that the bank requires more information to evaluate your credit card application. Whenever a credit card application is put on hold, the applicant receives communication from the bank asking for the required documents in the form of SMS, call, or email. 
  • Approved – If your credit card status is marked approved, it implies that the bank has approved the application, and you will soon receive your credit card. 
  • Disapproved – Also sometimes marked as Rejected, this implies that your application did not fulfil the credit card eligibility criteria of the issuing bank or company. 
  • Dispatched – This means that the bank has sent your credit card, and it is on its way to you. 

Ways to check credit card application status online 

Your credit card application status can be tracked online by one of the following two methods: 

  • Check credit card application status on the bank website- This is a simple process requiring you to visit the official bank website and navigate the credit card tracking page. Once you are on the relevant page, you have to choose how you want to validate your verification request. It can be done via application ID, PAN Number, Mobile Number, or Date of Birth. Once you enter all the details correctly, you can submit the form. Upon successful validation, you will be able to see your credit card status. 
  • Check credit card application status by sending an email- This is another way to check your credit card application status, where you have to visit the official website of the issuing bank and visit their Email tab, where you can submit your request to check the credit card status. You will have to furnish details such as application ID, mobile number, PAN number, or date of birth. Once the bank receives your email and verifies the credentials, they will respond via email to update you on your credit card application status. 

 When you compare credit cards in India, you will be able to understand how you can track your credit card application status for most banks. 

Final Thoughts 

Credit cards are a relatively easy way to borrow money on credit and spend it on purchases even when you are tight on your bank and cash balance. Before you start purchasing through a credit card, you have to first apply for one and get it approved. Your credit card application might not always get approved. It is possible that it may get rejected if you don’t fulfil all the eligibility conditions. If that is the case, it is best to wait for a cooldown period of 6 months. If you want to check your application status for a credit card from Bajaj Finserv.

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