These 5 tips you must apply for kraft boxes success

When it comes to the packaging of the goods brands want a packaging that is:

  1. Durable
  2. Flexible
  3. Sustainable
  4. And affordable

All these characteristics lie in kraft boxes. Yes, these boxes are as solid as cardboard boxes and can help any brand to deliver its goods to the retail shops or customers’ doorsteps. Secondly, any brand can design and style kraft board boxes in multiple ways. Thirdly these kraft boxes have no negative impact on human bodies and our environment. Even these are decomposable. So, if you bury them in the soil the fertility can increase in that portion. Fourthly every brand can have a limited budget for packaging boxes that they cannot exceed. kraft boxes can help your company to maintain this budget and keep yourself safe from financial disasters. These are advantages of kraft boxes but now let us discuss these 5 tips you must apply for kraft boxes success.

Choose amazing designs for these boxes:

Brands can choose amazing designs for these custom kraft boxes. Designs can be simple or complicated depending upon the goods that you have to pack inside. To print these designs brand can choose any of the special printing techniques like:

  1. 3D printing
  2. Flexography
  3. Lithography
  4. Onscreen printing
  5. Digital printing
  6. Offscreen printing
  7. UV spot variations

All these printing techniques are amazing in their own way. Just choose pretty designs and accurate sizes for these designs. Don’t go for oversized designs on these boxes. After designing the wholesale kraft boxes brands can laminate these boxes and give a neat and luxurious look to their box packaging. Lamination or coatings are of two types you can choose any of them according to your choice. But keep in mind both these types are expensive and all brands cannot afford them at all. The names of these coatings are:

  1. Black matte coating
  2. Glossy colorful coating

The right color combination for the accurate size of the box:

Always choose the accurate size of the box according to the size of the good that you have to pack inside. If your products are small and you are using a large size of box for them then it can create the following problems for your firm:

  1. The goods inside will move a lot in the large size and maybe goods break as well during shipment.
  2. The extra-large size of the kraft boxes can increase transportation charges and labor costs that can be a burden for customers and brands.
  3. If you use a large size of the box to pack a small number of food items. Then customers will be disappointed to see the less quantity that your brand served and a negative impression about your brand will be created.

To avoid all these issues, try to use slim fit kraft boxes and serve the needs of the public. Secondly, choose fascinating color combinations for the custom kraft boxes. For instance, on perfume boxes, you can use black and white colors and for cosmetic boxes go for pink or green shades. So, depending on the good choose the colors of the boxes sensibly.

Fascinating shapes of kraft boxes:

Choose fascinating shapes of wholesale kraft boxes for all types of goods. The shape should be one that can impress the public and are easy to carry for them as well. Some ideas for the shapes of kraft boxes are:

  1. Square boxes
  2. Oval shape box
  3. Rectangular shape box
  4. Boxes with a window in the center
  5. Sliding boxes
  6. Gable boxes
  7. Folding boxes
  8. Over shape boxes
  9. transparent boxes
  10. Magnetic boxes

Your brand can choose any shape according to the shape of the good that you have to pack inside. Even if you have any new ideas that go for it no need to follow outdated trends. Instead, the best option is to try to be innovative when it comes to the selection of shapes. New things or packaging styles can impress customers more vividly than old fashioned goods and their packaging ways.

Keep an eye on revivals of the market:

When you are running a business, you have to keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t put all the focus on your brand only instead try to know about your market revivals that what kind of goods they are making and what type of packaging styles they are going to select. Then make boxes that are even better than your revivals. Only in this way you can compete with your market revivals and grab public attention as well. Secondly, you must know the likes and dislikes of your customers. If you create kraft boxes that people will love then surely these people will buy your brand’s goods mainly because of the boxes in which the product is beautifully wrapped up. Contrary to this follow the latest market trends so that audiences don’t avoid your products when they visit retail shops to buy their favorite products.

Promote your brand and products through these box packaging:

Always print the brand’s name on the custom cardboard boxes and promote your brand to the audience. The public is the individuals who have to buy your goods so if they will not know about your company how they will come to buy goods. So, to create awareness among these people by printing the brand’s name on the wholesale kraft boxes. In addition to this print the product details on the boxes also. that can guide customers and build a trustful bond among both parties. This information includes:

  1. Manufacturing and expiry date
  2. Ingredients of the products
  3. Benefits of the products
  4. Directions of usage

These details are important for the people to know so always try to label your custom kraft box packaging.


So, these are the tips that any brand can follow to enhance the beauty of their kraft boxes and grab customers attention. The success of your brand, its product and packaging depend on the audience so try to satisfy them as you can. If these customers will be happy then no one in this world can stop your brand from gaining success and a good name in the competitive market.

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