The Best Social Media Tools are NetbaseQuid Solutions


Why do businesses need social media elements in their marketing strategies, and  which social media tools work best?  Social media platforms connect millions of users who share common interests and behaviors on different levels. This allows for marketing opportunities that grow and change every day. The best social media tools adapt and evolve to trends presented by online platforms. 


This social media tool processes interactivity on platforms in real time. It can recognize and analyze the differences between social and ordinary posts. The technology has compatibility with more than 20 platforms. Businesses can customize their reports and get numbers on team productivity. Free plans are available. 

Hootsuite also has a bundle of other features:

  • Unlimited scheduled messages
  • Social inbox
  • Calendar designed for publishing

Meet Edgar

This social media tool stands out in the field because it stays on top of automation and scheduling. It correlates and passes along relevant posts while updating the information on platforms. This results in a level of interaction on platforms that feels spontaneous without interrupting business operations. It doesn’t have a central inbox and is limited to three networks. 

Meet Edgar boasts a few handy features:

  • Unlimited library space 
  • Shuffled scheduling of posted content 
  • Lite version for easier management


This social media tool just may be the MVP for its integration capabilities. This technology integrates with more than 17 different platforms. A few of the big names on the list include Google Analytics, YouTube and Instagram. It also has a dashboard that neatly keeps track of multiple platforms. 

Sendible comes with a few really useful features. 

  • Content publishing
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Tools for keywords. 


This social network tool stands out from others because it favors smaller teams. Its basic package allows for up to 3 compared to the industry standard of just one. All plans with this technology handle 10 platform account at least. The brand is known for being the affordable choice, but still has decent features like unlimited scheduling, analytics and customer support. 

Some SocialPilot features come with a limits: 

  • Agency plan limits posts to 1000 daily
  • Professional plan limits posts to 500 daily
  • Small Team plan limits posts to 200 daily

Other Social Media Tools at a Glance



SEO Capabilities


  • Automated posting, tracking and promotion
  • Posts saved as drafts for later use
  • Social performance analyzing 

Social Media: 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.



Marketing Analytics


  • Optimized conversion insights 
  • Codeless conversion goals
  • Analyze campaigns by UTM

Social Media: 

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.



Tailored for Freelancers


  • SmartScheduling for best posts
  • Pin & Board analytics 
  • Drag and drop calendar 

Social Media: 

Pinterest & Instagram.



 Marketing Automation


  • Compare platforms using social reports
  • Facilitated content scheduling 
  • Custom keyword monitoring

Social Media:

 LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.


With all the different social media tools to choose from, you may need help to get the best of them. That’s where Netbase Quid makes all the difference. This company specializes in campaign strategy, product launches, analytics, management and technology scouting. The Netbase Quid network of professionals are leaders in the field of consumer and market intelligence. The Netbase product line handles everything to do with platforms which includes Enterprise, Essentials, News, Pro, Integrations, Technologies, BI Connector and other packages. The Quid product line has media covered with Pro, Social, Monitoring, Technology and other packages. 

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