Due to the competition in selling wholesale products, where most of the benefits are being taken by the manufacture or the supplier of the product, it’s impossible to make a good income stream with the wholesale model. Wholesale was making money a few years back when the number of wholesale sellers was relatively low. So, the idea of getting any of the product which has daily usage in life from the wholesale market and then getting the product to the Amazon warehouse to sell it without any issues or competition was successful. 

Why Private Label?

If you would talk to many sellers selling wholesale products, this is impossible today due to the competition among the increasing number of sellers. Also, the standard set by Amazon for each product in different categories makes it impossible to sell anything through its website. Amazon is increasing the standard of its services day by day and so it’s increasing the quality standards of the products which are being sold at Amazon. 

This increased the demand for private label products to get with their own products with a brand name and sell them accordingly. Private Label, as you need to get your own product with your own brand, requires huge investments and the investment can be paid off if the right decisions are made. 

What is Amazon PL?

Private label or simply PL means a product is owned by someone through the legal method. That is the copyrights of the products are with the seller and have a brand name for the product and that the design and specifications are patented under his brand name. No other seller can sell the product without the permission of the person having the rights. 

In the case of manufacturing the private label products, the seller can also ask another manufacturer to manufacture the products with the required design and specifications. The brand logo, tag, and all the required information can be labeled on the product and the package according to the information the seller would be providing to the manufacturer. This is how most private label sellers do to avoid the huge costs of manufacturing. 

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Why Sell Private Label

To avoid a number of constraints under the wholesale model, it’s important to sell private label products through Amazon. It’s easy to get inventory from someone and start selling at Amazon but the reality is something else. The supplier may limit you’re from selling the product if the product is making good sales or even you can face competition in terms of price from the supplier you are having the product. 

On the other hand, private label is a business model which makes you deal with most of the business aspects independently. You can manage your inventory, set your own favorable prices, and can also enhance your online business by having your own brand name and product name. You can either provide your own inventory in a win-win situation. So, it’s best to sell with the PL business model.

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