Spotify Web Player Not Working: A Complete Guide On How To Fix This Issue

Web Spotify Player is a digital music service for users to play songs from laptops, smartphones, or other devices using various record labels. The subscription-based service has been provided by iPhone, Android, and blackberry devices since 2008 in certain countries and works on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux operating systems.

Spotify web player offers more than 50 million users of songs and podcasts from a Swedish audio stream platform. Spotify also offers users a browser web player to prevent them from downloading the app. However, many reports have just arrived on the web service of Spotify from users who cannot stream audio. Users can’t play tracks and the page reload doesn’t correct the problem. Why does the Spotify web player not working? Let’s find out.

Why Do These Problems Happen?

After receiving numerous user reports, we examined the problem and wrote a guide that solved the problem for most of our users. We have also compiled a list of reasons to trigger the error and list them as follows:

Multiple Logins: 

Sometimes you can’t stream the music if the Spotify account is logged in through many devices. This appears to be a constant problem with a number of users who have logged in to several devices, even if the other devices do not use the application to stream audio to the Spotify online web player.

Cookies And Cache:

In order to lower the application load time and give a smoother experience, all applications store cache. Similarly, cookies for the same purposes are stored on websites. The cache and cookies may however get damaged over time and cause issues with the website loading process.

Safari Browser:

It won’t work if you try to use a Spotify web player on Safari browsers. After many updates that don’t support the browser architecture any longer, Spotify was rendered unusable on the browser.

We will move towards the solutions now that you have a fundamental understanding of the nature of the issue. These solutions should be tested in the specific order in which they have been presented.


Check The Device You Are Playing On

On your mobile, PC, even smart televisions and displays, you can play Spotify. You can manage and switch between the devices you want to play music on, provided that you log into the same account. Sometimes it is because it plays on another device that you find that the Web player Spotify does not work.

Click on the icon on the left-hand side of the speaker icon to see which device you’re playing music with. You will see Spotify playing music on the current device. If your browser is not, just click This Web Browser, you should now work on your Spotify web player.

Check Internet Connection

This appears to be a clear thing to do. If you can no longer access a site on the web or if the website does not follow the way your internet access should be checked. I make this the first suggestion because it’s evident. It is not something to be overlooked, as obvious as it may appear.

You can save minutes or even hours of your time and also spend mental energy on more complex fixes. I learned the hard way for you to check your connection to your network first.

A simple test will be to open a new tab to see whether any other site can be loaded. You know the problem is not your connections if you can load any other website. If you cannot access any other site, then you will have to identify and resolve a problem with your internet connection.

Check If Site Is Down

It is also important to know that since we started by mentioning how essential it is to check your Internet connection first, Spotify cannot work just because of the internet.

The next thing to check is if you do not have a Spotify server after you have found out that your connection (WiFi, Modem, or LAN connection) is actually working properly.

If the server is down, you can’t fix it. You must wait for Spotify to use it. Spotify usually runs up and down, so it can surprise you on rare occasions.

There are a lot of online resources to tell you whether or not Spotify servers are down in your area. Usually, if there is planned maintenance on the site, you are notified via email.

Open Song Link In Different Tab

You can hear a song from Spotify quickly. Try to open the song in another tab. Click on the three-point icon of the desired song and then select the link “Copy Song.”

Open a new tab, add and play the song.

If the problem with the Spotify webpage persists, this is not a permanent fix. But if you want to hear only one or two songs before you think about the problem, that’s a good choice.

Check Browser

We will check if your browser or one of the extensions you have installed has any problems. Some media extensions may also interfere with the Spotify web player.

If you could run Spotify, open the Incognito mode and see. If so, one of the extensions is wrong. Deactivate all extensions and then allow them to check which one causes the conflict one by one.

Otherwise, it’s a browser problem. One fast way to check this is with another browser.

Windows Edition

Which Windows version of your system do you have? N versions are not provided by media and box-right apps, Microsoft notes. Before you can use Spotify on your web browser, you need to download the Media Feature Pack. After all, the browser is a Windows application, too, right? It can use some assistance.

Disable Ad Blockers

Ad blockers stop the playback of ads in your loading pages. The ad blockers sometimes stop all media from playing on some sites. You can add Spotify to the whitelist when you don’t feel like disabling the ad blocker.

The whitelist includes every website that is not subject to the ad blocker function. This same principle applies to any extension imposed on certain websites by restrictions.

Clear Browsing Data

Sometimes your browser may be wrong, but not the Spotify web player. You can remove cookies, browser history, and cache from your browser to see if it helps.

Below is an example of how to remove your Chrome browsing data. The steps should be similar for other browsers.

You can also open a new blank tab for most browsers and use the Ctrl and Shift and Delete hotkey to show the above window.

If your problem is not resolved by deleting browsing data, move on to the next fix.

Disable Firewall

It is possible that your firewall will stop you from gaining access to Spotify if you can load any website except Spotify. The Firewall prevents unauthorized access to a network, which makes your computer vulnerable to threats by disabling the firewall.

Go to your device control panel to deactivate the firewall. Searching can be done on the menu. “System and Security” click.

Then “Firewall Window Defender.” At the side, click “Disable or disable the firewall of the defender window.”

Certain antivirus on your computer could be at fault with the Spotify web player, so you may have to deactivate them and see if they work.

Open The Spotify Web Player In Incognito Mode

You can quickly check if an extension or feature in your browser interferes with the Spotify web player prior to moving on to most of the tips in this list.

How are you doing? How are you? Just attempt in a private window to open the Spotify web player. By default, this will start the browser window without extensions, cached data, etc., sometimes interfering with the functionality of Spotify.

Click on the icon in the three-point menu on the top-right to open a private window in Chromium, and then “New Incognito Window.”

To open the Microsoft Edge private windows, click the “New InPrivate window” three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner. When the Spotify web player is working properly in a private window, you should remove the cache from your browser and try deactivating extensions one by one to detect the problem.

Try Enabling Protected Content

You have to make sure you enable secure content in your browser if you attempt to open the Spotify web player but receive a statement that “Playback of protected content is not enabled.”

Go to Chrome:/settings/content if you are using Chrome and then scroll down to the “Provided Content” option and turn on “Allow site to play protected contents.” If you are using Firefox, go to the Spotify web player site and right on the URL bar click the “Shield” icon.

In order to play protected content, you can also get a message that you have to install Widevine. If so, before the Spotify web player plays anything, you have to install that. Often this occurs on more browsers focused on privacy.

Try Logout from every device

From any device you use the same account for streaming music, you can log out of Spotify. You can find this option on the web profile under the account overview tab.

Location Problem

Have you traveled to another country and found that your Spotify web player is no longer functioning? For example, you were using Spotify web player India & now you went to London. It’s probably due to a failure to update your Spotify web player.

Unfortunately, because of copyright and accessibility issues, there is not only a way to change the region in which you are. However, you can use a VPN to unblock Spotify and enjoy music anywhere. For instance, the pirate bay proxy is one of the best services. We have a couple of recommendations if you are looking for a reliable VPN service:

  • NordVPN
  • SurfShark
  • CyberGhost
  • ProtonVPN

Flush DNS

Your DNS cache will be cleared by flushing your DNS. You need to re-acquire an address from the DNS server when your computer requires access to a website. This can get your Spotify web player back to work if the DNS cache data is invalid or corrupted. Here’s how the following is:

  • To invoke the Run box, tap Windows and R key on your keyboard.
  • Type cmd, then simultaneously press Shift and Enter. Click Yes if you have asked to be permitted.
  • Copy ipconfig /flushdns, and paste it in the pop-up window, and press Enter.
  • Successfully clean up your DNS cache.

Enable The Spotify Web Player

If your Spotify web player doesn’t work, you need to manually enable the Spotify web player if the “Playback of protected content is not activated” error is found. Here’s how you do it: Chrome:

In your browser address bar add chrome:/settings/content, and then press enter.

Scroll down until the Additional Content Protected settings option is visible. Click on the icon to download.

Find the Content Protected option and then click the Enlarge icon.

To play protected content, switch the toggle button to the right.

Spotify Desktop application

It can seem unnecessary to install an application on your PC when a version of your website is available, but you can’t work smoothly with the webpage Spotify. The Spotify desktop application is quite similar to the web player and is user-friendly, as well as offering better sound quality than the Spotify web player, so it is not a Spotify web player that can be used.

Spotify Web Player Download

  1. Go to the website Click restart the download if your download does not start within seconds.
  2. Look for and double-click the application in your downloads folder.
  3. Follow the steps of the installation.
  4. The screen of Spotify web player login will appear. Log in and enjoy.

Bottom Line

These are all tips and solutions that do not work on your browser if Spotify web player fixes. These methods have hopefully been able to solve the problem and you enjoy Spotify now on the web.

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