Risky Home Design Trends You Need To Give Up

Most of the time, when people get out for house hunting, they prioritize elements like location, neighborhood, safety index, apartment floor, and the structure. A significant majority ignore the importance of checking the authenticity of the design trends as they think they are there for a purpose. Some people even have the ideology that they can change whatever they do not like inside the place.

However, it is not the right approach. If you are buying an apartment for a significant amount, you should not have to spend a hefty amount on renovations. Making slight changes like wallpaper and paint is fine; however, if you have to change the designs engrossed in structure, you should rethink your choice. Moreover, you should never compromise over risky home design trends.

If you are curious to explore the risky home design trends you need to give up now, keep scrolling down this article, and you will get all your answers.

Top 7 Unsafe Home Design Trends to Never Try

If you are a fan of the old interiors and home design trends, there are higher chances that you may be holding some unsafe trends dearly. Design trends change with the passage of time to prioritize safety, efficiency, and modernity. Therefore, you must put more thought into the process and identify the unsafe trends to replace them with functional and safe design trends.

Here are some of the most unsafe home design trends you should never try or immediately change if your newly bought home has these.

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are one of the major design trends in recent times, which is quite risky and unsafe. Small floating shelves used for the decorative purpose are still fine. However, if such shelves are in the kitchen to store and place heavy utensils and other essentials, you will always be worried about it breaking down. Nowadays, home hunters prefer to explore apartments for sale in JVC and finalize one with a modern kitchen interior instead of floating shelves.

2. Open Staircases

Open staircases used to be one of the hottest home design trends back in the day; however, it is rendered unsafe and unappealing in the present times. Missing railings on the staircase increases the risk of falls and injuries in case you trip accidentally. Moreover, if you have children, you will always be worried about their safety. So, you need to give up on homes with open staircases.

3. Exposed Plumbing

There was a time when homes had open plumbing, pipes, and wiring, and it was considered normal. Nowadays, it is often termed as a design trend that is not only unsafe but highly despised. It does not only negatively impact the aesthetic appeal of the place but also provides a ripe atmosphere for bugs and insects due to high moisture and improper finishing.

4. Vintage Appliances

Another outdated and risky home design trend that you need to give up on is the use of vintage appliances. They also used to be a hit trend back in the day but are not efficient anymore. Due to the old technology and design, maintaining the appliances and keeping them in a functional state will be a hassle. Moreover, it will give an outdated look that may not match the overall appeal of your home, so avoid using this trend.

5. Electronics above Fireplace

One of the most dangerous home design trends that you need to give up on immediately is having electronics above the fireplace. The old constructed homes often have this trend which is also why you should never buy such places. Electronics and the fireplace right above each other boosts the risks of short circuit, fire explosion, and electric shock. So, you should essentially avoid it.

6. Wicker and Salvaged Wood

Another common but unsafe home design trend that you should never try is the wicker and salvaged wood. It may look appealing and compliment the aesthetics of the place; however, you should not fall for the trap. Wicker and salvaged wood is too light and can break down after a short time of use. Moreover, due to being dry, it has a higher risk of catching fire which can endanger your life.

7. Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed brick walls are one of the oldest practices, which has now become a design trend; however, it is often unappealing and unsafe. It can retain more moisture and breed various insects. Moreover, it is not energy efficient at all, due to which you should never buy homes having this design. You can instead explore apartments for sale which have the latest and safe design trends, and make sure to live in style and comfort.

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