Is It Possible To Apply For A Student Visa Before My Working Holiday Visa Expires?

If you are in Australia on a work and holiday visa 417 and do not want to go back to your home country yet, you need not worry. Many individuals want to extend their stay in the country by studying in world-class universities in Australia.

Australia is an amazing place to be. With a high standard of living, gorgeous climate, lots of places to explore, and relatively inexpensive cost of living, the international students get the opportunity to work in the diverse range of well-paid jobs which are available to them. These work and holiday visa holders choose to live and study in Australia due to several reasons. 

Moreover, Australian universities allow you to join their courses even if you are older than the average student. You get to access the high-quality research resources available, and these studies add up to a lot of value to your resume. 

If you want to join the community of international students from every part of the world, here is the article you have been looking for. You will understand the transition procedure, visa requirements, popular courses available, and the things you need to be wary of before you transition into a student visa. You might appoint an experienced visa agent in Perth to help you get through the detailed procedure of transitioning. 

Here is everything you need to know about applying for a student visa before your 417 Visa Australia expires. The same applies to visa subclass 462

The Transition Procedure 

In Australia, once you apply for a student visa, you will be given a bridging visa. This bridging visa will enable you to stay in the country until the authorities decide on granting you a student visa. It would not replace your working holiday visa subclass 417 or 462. It will not be in effect till your working holiday 462 or 417 visa Australia expires. 

If you apply for a student visa before your working holiday visa subclass 462 or 417 expires, your bridging visa A will have the same right as your working holiday visa. 

However, you won’t be allowed to travel in and out of Australia with this bridging Visa. Bridging Visa B will be of use to you if you need to travel. You will be given a timeframe within which you need to return. 

While you are on your bridging visa, you can continue to work. Your WHV work rights will continue until a decision is made on your student visa application. If your student visa hasn’t been granted by the time your course starts, don’t worry! You can start studying on your bridging visa.

You must ensure that you read all the terms and conditions attached to your student visa once that is granted and comply with them. 

Requirements Of A Student Visa 

The student visa applicant must meet certain requirements, just like the visa subclass 462 or 417. These are : 

Proof That You Have Genuine Access To Adequate Funds 

You must calculate the amount needed for a year of stay and course fee and ensure that the amount is available to you in your bank account. You will have to produce proof of the same. 

Authentic Temporary Entrant Statement 

You must produce a letter to the authorities explaining the course you wish to study. You must also include your intentions of what you want to do once the course is over. 

Overseas Student Health Cover Insurance 

You must get insured under an overseas student health cover insurance policy for the course duration you want to pursue and produce the proof for the same.  

English Language Proficiency Test 

You will have to provide results for an approved English language test like IELTS or PTE or similar, which meets the minimum entry requirements. You can also opt for an internal English test at the educational institution you want to study in. Passport holders of the USA, UK, Canada, Republic of Ireland, and NZ are exempted from the English language test. They do not need to provide any evidence for English competency. 

Translation of Documents 

Any original documents which are not in English should be translated and attached with your application. 

Medical Examination 

You should likely go for a medical examination if you choose to apply for a student visa. 

Popular Courses That You Can Get Enrolled In

Getting a student visa and getting enrolled in a university to study further might be an opportunity to add to your existing qualifications. You might choose to get on a master’s or a higher degree course or choose a new avenue altogether. You can go for a subject that you always wanted to study and never got a chance to. There is a gamut of courses available for international students, such as: 


  • Commercial Cooking and Patisserie
  • Business Studies 
  • Leadership and Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Human resources
  • Social Work
  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • Web Development 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Trades Like Bricklaying of Carpentry

Factors To Be Careful Of: 

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a student Visa.

  • Most international Student Visa 500 holders work for 20 hours a week while the course is in session and unlimited hours during the holidays.  
  • You will usually get a bridging visa (Bridging Visa A) when applying for a student visa onshore. 
  • The BVA visa won’t allow you to travel out of Australia while the student visa application is processed. To go overseas, you need to apply for travel rights (Bridging Visa B).
  • You would not be able to start working until your course begins. 
  • You might have the provision to include your partner on a student visa. 
  • You don’t need to adhere to any upper age limit for a student visa. 
  • You might be able to apply for a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) after you complete certain courses. 

Closing Thoughts

It is advisable to work with a Migration Consultant Perth to go through the process of transitioning into a student visa smoothly. They provide expert immigration advice and application assistance which will make getting your student visa a breeze. 


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