Instructions for Assembling a Gaming Computer by PC Power Up

You can build your own high-performance gaming computer at the most optimal cost, giving you a great experience, free to conquer today’s top cult games. You need to select the components that match the configuration you want, check the compatibility between the components, and see if they have conflicts, this process will consume a lot of your time.

To ensure a safe assembly of a new computer, you should choose to buy components manufactured by reputable companies with good warranties, and at the same time learn about component information. For assisting you on this, PC Power Up suggested various top PC components for a perfect gaming build.


Before talking about the importance of the motherboard to a gaming PC, let’s think of the PC as the human body. In which the CPU functions as a brain and the motherboard as the heart and central nervous system of the computer. This is the main board of the system where you connect the other PC components in your build and is responsible for relaying information between all the components.

In terms of actual gaming performance, in general your motherboard should not affect it. But overall, it’s an important component choice because it’s essentially the heart of your new PC build. When you choose a low-quality motherboard, your computer will often malfunction and you will lose time looking for the cause and how to fix the error. So choosing a motherboard with reliability and durability is quite important if you want your computer to last for a long time.


A monitor is an important component of your gaming setup. Make sure you buy a monitor. Have inputs that match the outputs of your GPU. Otherwise you won’t be able to connect them. If you are buying a computer monitor with high speed (120 Hz or 144 Hz) or a high resolution monitor (1440p or 4K), you will also want to make sure that your graphics card has the right output to supports ratios and resolutions.

The ultra-long screen Ultra-wide has (ratio 21: 9). Although they look nice and attractive, they are not suitable for playing with most games. The reason is that many games do not support the 21: 9 ratio, the old games do not support it.

Other Accessories:-

Computer monitors, headphones, keyboards, mice play a huge role in the experience of the main gamers. Don’t pay too much attention to the accessories that come with the game experience. Once you have fully selected essential components for gaming computers, you need a case shell to attach all people inside. The main function of the case is to attach and protect the components inside, furthermore is aesthetics.

Final Verdicts:-

Above are some of the sharing of components needed to build standard gaming computers. To buy genuine computer components, the best price or high quality gaming computers, please visit PC Power Up. This online platform ensures the most satisfactory components with Amazon buying link for customers.

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