Indian Gold Coins: Are They Really Worth It?

India has a rich culture and most Indian families prefer to spend it on gold jewelry instead of gold coins. It’s just an investment commodity, as women prefer to wear and buy traditional jewelry instead of coins.

Although gold coins are much cheaper than jewelry, women still love the latter. Most Indians measure a person’s wealth by the amount of gold he owns. On important holidays or occasions, many of them prefer to give themselves gold, because it shows their wealth.

However, in the long run, gold coins are much more valuable than traditional jewelry.

This is because if you want to resell a gold coin, the price the jeweler will offer you will depend on the weight of the coin. And if you plan to resell the jewelry, you will get a much lower price, because the jeweler will discount the cost of manufacturing this product .

So gold coins work better as a gift than anything else. Because these coins are available in different sizes from one gram to fifty grams, it will be easier for everyone to buy coins according to their budget. These 5 gram gold coin price 24 carat act as a great investment option because you can sell them in case of an emergency and turn them into money.

Also, buying gold coins is much easier than jewelry, as they are available at post offices, jewelry stores, private banks, and more. there is. Buying them in such prestigious places can offer you not only real things, but also good quality coins. However, this is not the case with jewelry, as jewelry stores can sell counterfeit items and a person without proper education can waste their hard earned money.

Gold coins are currently available with a certificate of purity.

The Indian Numismatic Guarantee Service (NGS) is currently the only Indian rating company offering services for the certification of coins, tokens, banknotes and medals in South Asia. These specialists have over 50 years of experience in Indian numismatics.

Therefore, it is better to buy coins certified for purity and authenticity. You can also use these coins to make jewelry in the near future, if necessary. Be sure to buy only 22 carat coins, as 24 carat coins are not recommended for jewelry making.

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