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Everyone is fond of taking pictures and camera availability makes it more convenient for users. Humans must be thankful for smartphones to make it possible to take more and more images.

But storing loads of pictures on mobile becomes a nuisance. Every picture is not worth getting developed so the image storing apps can easily store pictures on the cloud. Every app, although, does not have the same level of features or the same storage amount so users have to pick wisely and can be installed in mobile easily and store all images.

  • Google photos:

This is one of the famous key apps for image storing online. Google photos will backup all unlimited pictures up to 16 megapixels resolution without any cost.

It is easily accessible via mobile devices either iOS or Android. One can easily visit all galleries through Additionally, this image storing app can also be used to save unlimited videos of up to 1080 resolution.

Google photos recently updated with features like manual face tagging contact and private messaging.

  • Apple photos:

An Apple photo is one of the ideal options for iPhone and iPad users. It bestows 5GB storage space by iCloud that can be manipulating a bundle of pictures and videos.

Users can set up the feature of iCloud in the iPhone by moving settings >pictures to allow Apple photos to upload and store all pictures automatically in the data of cloud storage. One can easily browse and share all information with other devices.

Moreover, this image storing app has some paid plans too. Up to 2TB of space users have to pay. Android users, however, do not possess such a dedicated app.

  • Box: is a tycoon in the world of cloud storage.  There is a huge collection of images management apps and some used Box integration as well and that is quite fair. Beginners can sign up for a personal account and get free 10 GB storage of pictures and videos.

On the other hand, users have to pay $10 monthly to get 100GB. A Price rate varies for the business range in this case the user has to pay $5-$15 per month to undo more functions.

Box processed quite well and the main focus of this image storing app is on management and simplicity. Somehow Box is more expensive than others so individuals keep that in mind.

  • Autosync:

This is family-oriented of the app through MetaCtrl. anyone can use this unique cloud storage app and users can choose between OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, MEGA.  Autosync is the latest universal app that performs with all mentioned services along with SharePoint Online, Yandex Disk, and pCloud.

This image storage app performs as a cloud storage manager. This storage app emphasizes completing two-ways syncing between smartphone and cloud storage (in some situations one if a user prefers) and the user can maintain it to sync at customizable intervals.

That is how all it happens but it is splendid if the user wants copies of all data of your devices. 

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