How Software Houses Keeps Reinventing Itself

Pakistan’s software industry is one of the most vibrant in the region. Despite being a relatively new industry, it has managed to keep pace with the latest technological advancements, and continues to grow at a fast pace. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Pakistani software houses are constantly reinventing themselves. They are not afraid to try out new things and keep the innovation cycle flowing.

This is perhaps why even though Pakistan has a relatively small number of software exports, these exports generate a disproportionately large amount of revenue. That’s because they’re always coming up with something new which gives them an edge over their competitors in the regional market. Even if one product fails to take off, another one is making its way to the market.

Software Houses in Pakistan Finally Revealed

One such software house that has managed this balancing act and juggled multiple projects, both successfully and unsuccessfully, is PI (Protech-InfoTech). This company started out as a software development firm in 1987 and now offers customised solutions in the mobile payment space as well as the healthcare industry.

“We have evolved along with the industry,” says Waqar Ahmed, CEO of PI. “The focus for us has always been to be at the forefront of technological change.” This is how they managed to continue thriving even after multiple failed products because instead of letting it get them down, they took this as an opportunity to diversify and try something new.

Actually Starting Software Houses in Pakistan

Pakistan’s software industry is still in its early stages, and there is plenty of room for growth. With the right amount of innovation and creativity, Pakistani software houses can take this industry to even greater heights. They just need to keep reinventing themselves.

Software houses in Pakistan, also known as ICT or IT companies work in a unique way. Considering the time difference between the East and West, 12 hours set aside for sleep is not considered sufficient to fulfill all professional responsibilities. It may be noted that our typical daily routine includes working from 9 AM to 2/3 AM which makes it highly difficult to maintain a proper private life. Often professionals in this sector compromise on their sleep for the sake of work load or diversions due to digital media which is an important factor when considering the overall health and effect on mind and body. It is extremely necessary that we get our healthy 8 hours/day so we can better perform at our workplace and be productive citizens.

Software houses in Pakistan

Here are few tips to manage work and life in order to achieve a proper balance. We should make it a point to prioritize things by giving more importance the personal life rather than the professional one. It is extremely important that we remain punctual at office, or else this may lead us not meeting deadlines because of our heavy sleep patterns (or lack thereof). Maintaining a positive attitude towards work and dedication to our responsibilities can help us better manage our time. Secondly, restricting ourselves from working on weekends would give us more time for personal activities. Lastly, it is also suggested that we take vacations in order to rejuvenate and come back with new ideas for work.

Final Words:

Pakistan has a very vibrant ICT sector which is continuously growing. With more and more multinationals establishing their regional headquarters in Pakistan, the demand for skilled professionals is increasing. The unique work culture in Pakistan is an attractive proposition for many young people who are looking to start their careers. Although it may be difficult to maintain a balance between work and life, it is not impossible.


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