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YouTube to mp3 converter allows you to extract videos as mp3 audio and then add them to your MP3 collection. There are many free YouTube to MP3 converter apps. YouTube does not allow people to listen to music after closing the application. This is a disadvantage. Surprisingly, the new YouTube Music does not allow you to listen to music after closing the application. This is why viewers extract audio from YouTube videos.

Before jumping to the most suitable application to convert YouTube videos to mp3, a question arises in people’s minds, is it illegal to convert YouTube to MP3 converter ? A year ago, Google threatened to convert YouTube videos to MP3 applications that will be processed. Nothing happened after that. Those apps and websites continued to work. Surprisingly, these apps can be found on the Play Store, and these websites also have Google-powered ads. Other than that, there are no cases where someone has been prosecuted for converting YouTube videos to MP3.
In other words, it depends on whether the country is legal. Under US copyright law, it is illegal to download and convert copyrighted works under US copyright law. This includes mp3, mp4, or any other type of file during the video conversion process. However, if the music you download is for your personal use and not for your project, then it will be public and available for people to see, then you will know.

A German court ruled that simply changing the format was not illegal. The conversion of websites and applications has not been convicted of any crime, at least. This is a great debate that is still going on in the American courts. This is a fundamental problem. It may even turn out to be legal, but no one can be sued for converting YouTube videos to MP3 format until the court makes a decision.

The law only applies to copyrighted videos, but downloading and converting non-copyrighted videos is completely legal. If the video is not protected by copyright, the owner does not even have the right to file a complaint against the person who downloaded it or used it in his video. It is safe to download videos that are not protected by copyright.

Below are the top three apps for YouTube to mp3 conversion.

The current YouTube to mp3 converter is the best MP3 ripper app. This is the fastest way to convert YouTube videos to MP3. It is easy to use, the user interface is very good, to convert you have to visit a website or download an application and paste the link of the video from which you want to extract the audio. The site can also convert YouTube videos into various other formats, such as 3GP, WEBM, MP4, and M4A; It can also save videos in M4R format, allowing iPhone users to keep audio as ringtones.

Steps to convert videos to MP3
The steps to convert videos to MP3 are very simple.

1] Download Riddle’s free document app on your iPhone.

2] Open the document and click on the small integrated browser window in the lower right corner.

3] Find the video you want to download by opening GenYouTube. You can also copy paste youtube link or share short youtube link.

4] From the video download page, scroll down a bit and select the MP3 option.

5] When prompted, enter the name of the mp3 and choose a folder to save it, or use the default folder.

[Note: – If you are not asked to enter the file name when you click to download MP3, press and hold the button and then select the download link.

6] Press the save button to download the MP3 to your iPhone.

7] You can listen to MP3 files by going to the destination set in step 5. You can return to the application and open the mp3 by pressing the button in the lower left corner of the document application.

If it is not software, you can test files and browsers offline or web files.

Even after converting YouTube video conversion files to MP3, most of the people still complain about the audio quality. This is because they don’t know which websites can be used to convert video file formats to audio file formats. The websites we mentioned above can extract audio in multiple formats. Most people choose mp3 because they only know one setting. That is why choosing the best site and the site that extracts audio with the best MP3 version is a must. Less, the website above does just that.

If you know more about audio formats, the best audio settings to extract are WAV or FLAC, these formats will not compress the sound quality

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