Everything You Need to Know to Play the Ludo Game Online

There is one game that is considered to be very easy and fun all-time, and that’s online Ludo. Here’s the basics of how it works. Ludo is one of the most popular games in India, and there is no better time to play it than now, currently with many people having nothing else to do. Everybody can learn how to play Ludo in seconds. The reason for its popularity on social media is because it’s very easy to learn and requires little thought. Even rookies can learn how to play Ludo in a game or two!

Playing online ludo game gives players a wide variety of interesting strategic options, and are likely to see how the game has evolved from its Indian roots. This ease of access and popularity is because they have been able to adapt in order to stay relevant. Ludo proves that you don’t need fancy graphics or other bells and whistles for people to enjoy your game. With many people nowadays playing online games, ludo has turned into a popular game that has been loved by generations for centuries. Ludo is different from other online board games because it requires valid skill to win as opposed to luck of the draw. 

To play the online ludo game now you need knowledge of everything needed to play and win at Ludo.


In Ludo, you begin by assigning every player a colour and setting the number of players that can participate in one game. The game begins when all pieces are moved out of their chosen spot, and each person competes to reach the endpoint first. The player who claims victory is the winner of this ludo-inspired board game.

Role of the Dice

The pieces move forward in scrambles until a player clicks on the dice, which generates a number. If your number matches the one generated by the algorithm, you get to control your piece again. Everyone gets their turn and continues to scramble before it’s back to the player who clicked on the dice last.

Pieces On Board

Each player is given a set number of pieces in a different colour. The objective is to move these pieces around the board until they arrive at the one marked with their colour. Each piece which arrives at the final point receives points and whoever has the most points wins.

Moving Pieces

When playing ludo with other people online, you don’t have a lot of time to make decisions. You move your piece and if you get it wrong, someone else has the opportunity to take another turn. So make your decisions quick as well.

Safe Zones

Safe zones are places on the gameboard where you can protect and develop your piece without having to worry about being attacked or sent back home. When an enemy’s piece is adjacent to one of your pieces in the safe zone, they cannot attack and instead return home when there are no friendly mate pieces nearby. Your opponent may also have their own underdeveloped pieces with them in order to pursue or defend.

Beating Your Opponent

When your opponent is not in the safe zone, shift the dice and you’ll move to their place. This throws your opponent’s piece back to the beginning of the board. Again, use this chance whenever possible to slow down your opponent’s game. This can improve how you play on ludo online, making it slightly easier as you go along.

Reaching the Endpoint

You must get your pieces to the far end of the board no matter what. Sometimes you might lose a piece before it reaches the target, but you should not give up hope because anything can happen at any moment. The first person who has all his pieces reach the last space is the winner, then the game continues and we get our second runner up and third runner up.

Additional Rules

The game of Ludo has a rule associated with the move that is executed when players get a six or one. After getting these numbers, they can choose to re-roll the dice typically adding to their current score. However, a player who gets three consecutive sixes will be penalised and not able to move any of their pieces.

Final Thoughts

With a game that is easy to pick up and play, AIO Games – Brainy Ludo has something for everyone! The secret of ludo lies in how much joy it can bring to your life. With the AIO Games application  installed on your phone, you will know exactly what this simple and highly entertaining game includes. The most important thing about this game is the experience, not the objectivity.  Ludo is an online game that provides endless amusement and memories with family and friends. 

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