5 Tips to Improve Your GMAT Score

Getting a high score in the GMAT exam is important, especially if you are planning to pursue an MBA degree from a top b-school. A good GMAT score is an indicator that you can handle the academic challenges of an MBA program. The GMAT score, along with other factors such as your CGPA, academic qualifications etc., are factors that decide whether you are eligible for an MBA course or not. However, achieving a great score requires months of hard work and preparation. Now, if you are wondering how to effectively prepare for achieving a high score in GMAT, we’ve some tips for you.  So, read on!

Tips to Improve Your GMAT Score

There are numerous ways to prepare for the GMAT, and your preparation strategy might differ according to the time available and how fast you grasp concepts. However, a general rule of thumb is to study efficiently. For this, you can follow the tips suggested below.

  • Know the syllabus – A thorough knowledge of the GMAT syllabus is highly important to perform well in the exam. Knowing what to expect in the test will help you plan strategies for answering questions accordingly. You can either check the official website of GMAT or download the GMAT syllabus pdf from the web and read it thoroughly. Since the GMAT test paper is divided into four sections, you must be familiar with the concepts asked in each section well before you take the test.
  • Solve sample papers – Solving sample papers or mock tests is one of the best ways to prepare for the GMAT exam. Set a timer for your practice sessions. This will help you develop the pace needed for the actual exam. Attempting the sample tests will familiarize you with the style, format, and structure of the actual test paper that you’ll see on the exam day. The official website of the GMAT is the best resource to find sample questions and papers. However, a lot of other websites also provide sample papers that are similar to the actual GMAT paper. These websites also give you the option to download the GMAT sample paper pdf, so that you can download it and keep it for later.
  • Create a study plan – Your preparation can go haywire if you don’t have a proper study plan. Hence, before starting your preparations, create a well-organized study plan. List down the tasks and realistically divide them. For instance, never try to follow an overly-long study session. Instead, consider your daily schedule and break your study time accordingly. If you get 20 minutes of free time during work, do not try to learn new topics in that short time, instead, think realistically and revise topics that you have already studied. You could even take up short quizzes.
  • Set a realistic target score – Setting a target score will motivate you to work hard towards achieving your goal. Hence, set a target score you want to achieve and make sure you list down the cut-offs for various b-schools you want to apply to. Doing this will help you understand the competition involved and will enable you to strategize your preparation plan accordingly.
  • Analyze your weaker areas – Try to identify your weaker areas by attempting diagnostic tests. Understanding the subjects that you are stronger/weaker in, gives you an idea of how prepared you are. This way you can focus more on your weaker areas and perfect them by consistently measuring your progress. which item was invented by a secretary and later sold for $47 million dollars?

Hope this article on tips to improve your GMAT score helps! Remember, good preparation is the key to achieving a stellar score in the GMAT exam. Hence, consider the above tips and create a realistic plan accordingly. Good luck!

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