5 Major Types of Hair Extension Boxes

Hair Extension Boxes

Different haircuts acquire the genuine allure of the excellence of ladies’ beauty. These days, getting hair short, straight and wavy is not an issue. Incredibly, such an assortment is accessible as hair extension. It is another passion in the hairstyle trend that has charmed the fashion business in a competition to become superior. For this reason, manufacturers attempt to bundle this novel product is extremely appealing and attractive hair expansion boxes. These cases are accessible in various shapes and sizes with an extra window that facilitates clients to view. Decorating add-ons like strips and bands would add more exuberance to hair extension boxes. The specially crafted hair extension cases give an expert and charming presentation to hair tresses and also save them from harm. These boxes are excellent for market salons or common people. Greatly planned extension boxes would demonstrate wonderful branding opportunities.

Most suitable material for hair extension boxes

To accomplish all the previously mentioned highlights require the best quality of assembling materials. Cardboard and Kraft paper, for being print amicable material, is the most preferred material that carries numerous advantages for producers and retailers. They are not difficult to modify into arranged shapes and sizes. Both of these materials are eco-friendly and easy to reuse and discard. They are likewise extremely simple to be used in machines to form and overlay into different shapes. They are also available at reasonable costs. An important feature of these materials is that they can be used in their normal look too.

Major types of hair extension boxes

These custom hair extension boxes go through a few kinds of testing which incorporates their shaping and collapsing into different forms. Hair extension bundling is accessible in different shapes and ranges with multiple color schemes and blends according to the theme of the brand. The various kinds of these boxes can have the following major types;

  1. Professional hair extension boxes with lid

Professional hair extensions boxes are utilized for the bundling of professional hair extensions. They are moderately large boxes with a lid and are traded in whole sets for hair experts and specialists. This custom hair bundling is solid and strong and doesn’t need extravagant printing. They are a basic and simple kind of boxes to provide an expert look and let the items justify themselves with real evidence. The reputable and well-known brands in the business pick this basic hair bundling to emphasize to the clients that there is no compromise on the quality of the packaging. 

  1. Long flap hair extension boxes

Longer hair extension boxes are of a horizontal shape with the inclusion of a drawer that has flipped top opening. This custom hair extension is for individual use. In any case, the flimsy restricted rectangular formed boxes have sufficient room for hair locks to be kept inside satisfyingly and securely. This tenuous and restricted bundling might have a showcase trimmed out on the top so that clients can examine the color and shading in order to select their required tone. 

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  1. Extension box with a drawer

These containers have a shape like a box however it opens on one side like a drawer. They are actually remarkable and appealing and look for the consideration of clients rapidly. They are durable and strong in quality as well as give extraordinary protection to hair extensions. Whenever they are opened they nimbly uncover the item placed in the container. It isn’t exorbitant and doesn’t add additional expense for the cost of the item. 

  1. Extension box with display window

Most of the hair extension packaging manufacturers love offering this packaging with a display window. The inclusion of a display window further enhances the bundling into really charming and engaging for the retailers. Further, it additionally helps the sales rep show its combination without opening them. These unique custom printed boxes are produced in well-designed shapes and sizes to oblige various requests and orders. 

  1. Moldable and rigid boxes

These folding and rigid types of custom printed boxes have further two types. The rigid kind of boxes is not adaptable rather they stay in the condition in which they are fabricated. The cabinet-style boxes, slender rectangular hair bundling, and other such sorts fall in this classification. On the contrary, to make custom foldable hair extensions, adaptable assembling materials are utilized. In this classification, those customized hair extensions boxes fall that can be hanged. 

Finishing – an ultimate recipe of incredible boxes

One more critical element for these hair boxes is the utilization of finishing, lamination or overlay. It is the cycle wherein a dainty layer of silk or plastic is made to the hair bundling. This layer gives them a silky surface and gleaming look. It additionally helps in holding the printing over the bundling. So the logo and different subtleties stay on it for a more drawn-out duration. The preferable options for lamination are gloss, matte, aqueous, spot UV and partly-matte AQ. These coatings give a smooth and cleaned impact that upgrades the magnificence and shelf life of the boxes. It likewise assists with opposing residue, dust, dampness, and smirches that hurt the boxes.

While concluding we can summarize that hair extension boxes greatly help enhance the beauty of hair extensions. They are customizable in different sizes and shapes with a wide range of colors and shading to match the needs of a brand. There are five major types of hair extension boxes that can be used according to the requirements. Despite the fact of availability of these boxes in various suitable types, there is great importance of giving the final touch to the boxes. The component of finishing and lamination enhances the attraction to no bounds and protects the boxes from unwanted elements that can damage the box and product seriously.

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