7 Easy Ways to Dispose of Full flap shipping box

According to the estimation of the United States, Environmental Protection Agency, otherwise known as EPA every year, around 24 million ton of flap boxes is thrown away. Thanks to the reusability of the flap boxes, they can be recycled and reproduced. About 91 percent of the wasted flap boxes are recycled every year, which is a significant number as compared to the other types of packaging. It makes flap boxes stock one of the most extensively recycled packaging materials in the world.

Most of the time, people do not know about these facts and their ignorance about recycling the material results in wasting the material. Seven easy ways to dispose of fullflap blog following which can ensure the quality of the material to preserved and reused easily.

  1. Dispose of it off while it is dry

The flap boxes stock is better to recycle when it is dry because the wet stock is extremely difficult to handle as it becomes too heavy after soaking water. It also becomes happy and starts stinking after a short time, probably even before it can reach to the recycling unit. That is why it is better to keep the flap boxes that you wish to be recycled in a place where they remain dry till the time you drop them to the recycle bins.

  1. Split it into small pieces

Recycling of the corrugated flap boxes is more comfortable when they are breakdown into small pieces. The large pieces are not only occupying more space but also harder to take out to the recycle bin near your place. Small pieces will also make it easier for the recycling company to pick up the material and process it further. Breaking down the box into small pieces does not mean that you have to do a lot of hard work, you can simply do that by hand because it is not compulsory for the pieces to be cut in a proper size.

  1. Get rid of lamination

In order to enhance the strength and durability of the corrugated flap boxes, they are often laminated with plastic or vinyl sheets from inside or outside. This lamination can spoil the recycling process, so it is necessary if the material is taken off of the stock before putting it into the reprocessing bins. The plastic or vinyl sheet used for the lamination of the box can also be recycled, but they are reprocessed under an entirely different process. It means that both the plastic-coated and non-coated cartons can 100 percent be reprocessed.

  1. Stock the containers responsibly

Recycling is a process that shows the responsible attitude of the consumers towards saving the natural environment as well as the manufacturers who prefer eco-friendly flap boxes over other types of packaging. This accountable action requires a bit of attention as well.  So whenever you are thinking to stock the packaging designed by Just Custom Boxes for recycling purposes, make sure that the disposed of material is placed at a safe and closed place where the stock will be not be harmed by moisture and other hazardous items.

  1. Contain it in flap boxes cartons

Another best way to contain these eco-friendly flap boxes is to put them in a bigger package that is also made of the same material, flap boxes stock. This will help you to put away the disposable cartons as you can take the whole container out and put it inside the dumping vessels. All the items of the same kind will be in one place, and you can dispose of them off while you are going to work or out for a walk.

  1. Use it as a shipment carrier

These containers made out of flap boxes can also be beneficial for the shipment of different items, other than corrugated flap boxes, that are to be recycled. These items include vinyl sheets, newspapers, finished notebooks, writing pads, shredded papers from offices, and even glass as well. All these items that are to be reprocessed are lightweight and can easily be carried in a medium or large-sized carton. These cartons will keep the things organized at one place and keep them dry and able to be reprocessed perfectly.

  1. Dumping tool for organic materials

It is not necessary for all the flap boxes containers to be reprocessed in a plant, but they can also be recycled in the natural environment as well. Since they are manufactured of 100 percent green, environment-friendly material that can be decomposed completely when it is dumped in the soil. These organic containers can be a perfect tool for the dumping of organic materials that can be decomposed in the soil easy business.

Organic fertilizers are used in most countries of the world; these boxes can be a big help for that process as the organic fertilizer can be stored in these containers and they can be put in the ground without fear that they will pollute the soil or the groundwater. Instead, they will ultimately be decomposed and can result in increased fertility of the land, primarily fields like corn, wheat, and sugarcane.

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